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Who Are We?

We are an ICT Solution provider for Information & Communication industries spanning in Consultation services, Design provisioning, Installation services, Maintenance and Support services in Structure Cabling & Products Solutions

Why LanTroVision?

As innovation induced Solution Service provider for our customers, from conceptualization, designing, sourcing, consulting till integration of high-quality data-voice communication infrastructure, we provide complete solutions customized to your requirements.

Who Do We Serve?

LanTroVision Integrated Solution Service Provider cover a range of applications spanning from Top fortune 500 companies, Valued bank services, Highly innovated Data-Centers, Health invested Medical Centers, Energized Energy sector, Technology leader and not limited to expendables valued sectors.

Innovation drive with Strategic Partners

In LanTroVision, with tactical and strategic partner, our infrastructure services being enhanced with expert handy work knowledge that we acquire daily and innovate this design and deployment in rapid, precise and cost effective method for successful solution delivery to our valued clients.

Total of RCDD

Regional Offices

Total Manpower

Millions of UTP & Fiber Installed

LanTroVision exist to create game changing arena in ICT business, with more than 20years in global business arena. 
Established in 1990 by Mr Chan Thye Yuan Incorporated in 1992 (Pte Ltd). 
Listed on SGX SESDAQ 2nd November 2001
Transferred to SGX Mainboard on 15th January 2008. 
Acquired on the 15th June 2016 by MIRAIT ONE Corporation listed on TSE/JPX

Currently we are jointly are global part of MIRAIT ONE Corporation Japan, listed in Tokyo stock exchange. LanTroVision, we are part of the solution ecosystem to provide unparrallel advanced and tactical solution for industries clients needs. Embracing our geo-graphical strategic locations and our qualified multi-lingual work forces , we are able to provide dynamic and strategic delivery solution to all our client in the region. Embracing new and evolving innovated solution is our bonded intrinsic value we provide to our clients rentlessly.

Since inception of LanTroVision, we have delivered high quality solutions to match the unrelenting growth of industry demands. Our major clientele in the Asia Pacific, and Northern America; LanTroVision is spreading its wings across the globe with our group presences along with our competency rendered.

3 Decades of Quality Services
and Product Around the World

LanTroVision, we take abosolute pride in our client business partnership with trust embroidered on excellence of our realiable commitment to all customers. Quality products and services at competitive prices with the utmost importance of safety and technical support are the four pillars of LanTroVision’s success.

With over 30 years of experience, members of the LanTroVision team are veterans in the field of Structure Cabling and its integrated solutions. Combining the experience, together we bring the expertise and know-how for all kinds of client requirements. Coalescing superior products, innovative thoughts and latest technological knowledge from global sources we offer the best solution for all kinds of situation, especially in demanding environment.

At LanTroVision, every transaction is a relationship born, we are partners in Creativity and Innovation comes together as progress with our clientele and community to achieve the ultimate goal.


LanTroVision envision being global leader in its chosen technologies with a strong focus on providing Expertise knowledge of know-hows and problem solving mechanism. Rendering our highly efficient tactical organisation response for all situation without compromise to our valued customers. Staying alert and focus on continuous evolving in challenging business environment. Delivering our long term Economical solution in order to improve client productivity, profitability and safety.


Our aim to provide practical innovative solutions with intrinsic values. We want to create and deliver sustainable substance of growth, profit, and improving livelihood for our clients, thus creating an excellent business to business synergy.


Strategic Relationship Ensuring Seamless Integration

LANTRO Global Alliance Partners (LGAP)

At LanTro Global Alliances partnership, our offices in Asia, Europe, North America and South America form alliances enabling us to provide close-fitting collaborative services, and smooth, prompt support for the global business operations of customers.

In the finance, manufacturing, public-sector, telecommunications, energy fields and technology, we provide uniform support across the full range from strategy proposals that support our clients in their transformation efforts to systems development, integration and operational management in the IT field. This is how we contribute to the construction of our clients’ global business infrastructure.

LanTro Global Alliances Partner (LGAP) ecosystem is dedicated to provide seamless initiatives with long-term perspective to bridge the gap between opportunities with our clients and execute deals Asia, Europe, North/South America.

Channel Partners

The LanTroVision Partner Advantage Program includes the industry’s leading resellers and integrators, specifically trained and qualified to plan, design, and implement LanTroVision-based solutions. The program is designed to increase a partner’s profitability through go-to-market support, sales and engineering enablement, and demand acceleration through marketing support. We also offer an attractive rewards and rebate structure, which is built upon tiered entitlements, as well as a Certified Services Partner element that enables partners to differentiate their post-sales support.

Technology Partners

LanTroVision enables best-of-breed solutions through its open architecture, support for industry standards and accessibility to current demand solutions with successful implementation. Our technology partner relationships ensure that customers have the widest choice of 3rd party products and applications while maintaining tightly integrated workflow solutions. As a technology partner, you gain access to development resources to help enable those tested and validated solutions.

Professional Solution Services

Dedicated Continual Excellence

From complex, end-to-end systems to configuration and testing of individual units, LanTroVision Professional Services has the experience, global reach and expertise to rapidly launch your new or enhanced services.

Consulting, Discovery and Requirements Definition

The first step in every project is to clearly understand your requirements and objectives and to collaboratively develop a solution based on best practices.

Planning & Implementation

Experienced program managers will create a project-specific statement of work (SoW) and a project plan, with clearly defined deliverables and timeframes.

Service Days

Rapid, effective assistance when you need it, or when your staff is otherwise occupied.

Service Packages

Predefined service packages for commonly requested services.

Staff Augmentation

Augmentation services can provide you with experienced personnel on a contract basis.

Handy Point Edge Services (HPeS)

LanTroVision Handy Point Edge Services team is dedicated to helping you deploy demanding solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


The LanTroVision Technical Assistance Center (LTAC™) is the consolidated single point of contact for all customer support questions, issues and product documentation/software.

Service Level Agreements

Support Programs offer a variety of Service Level Agreements (SLA) designed to fit diverse operational needs of any enterprise.

Client Review

Customer Satisfaction

Thriving towards Excellence

Service oriented and proactive

Banking Company awarded LanTroVision the Installation and Refresh of Network of the Structure Cabling and Relocation services for the MBFC.

“We found LanTroVision team to be extremely service oriented and diligence in all phases of their work. They didn’t spare unproductive hours to accommodate the business dateline.”

I would welcome the opportunity to work with the team from LanTroVision again on future projects.


Wong Loke Weng

Technology Infrastructure and Services

Finance Sector

Highly Dependable and Resolute

Seagate IT DC awarded LanTroVision the Works and Services of the Structure Cabling and Relocation services for the ??.

“LanTroVision service provider has taken requested job diligently without a single escalation. Minor issue arises and resolved with the collaborated LanTroVision team work aptitude.”

I would hope LanTroVision continue to persevere good job and services rendered to us.


Rosli Jaffar

Technology Infrastructure and Services

Electronics Manufacturing Sector

Immaculate project management and execution

Financial Institution awarded LanTroVision the Works and Services of the Structure Cabling and Relocation services for the ??.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with highly multi-diversed intergrated team whom displayed remarkable both project management and execution; thus allowing us to spare more time into key focus area without concern.”

Stanley See Boon Yeow

TechDelivery Core Management (BAU)

Electronics Manufacturing Sector

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One Global Network

LanTroVision commemorated the official inauguration of LanTro Global Alliance Partners (LGAP) with alliances from USA, Australia, Japan and Indonesia. LGAP has been established to serve global companies and to support the growth markets of The North/South Americas, Asia and Europe.

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