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Reliability is right at the top


The Company

LanTroVision exist to create game changing arena in ICT business, with over two decade in global business arena. We are human company, with a modern intelligent working with our leading alliances developing and deploying up-to-date technology stepping ahead for uncompromised quality excellence deliverance.

Since inception of our business, we have already implemented hundreds projects of various solutions needs, size and complexity, now we going to achieve thousand mark. LanTroVision is also chosen by business enterprises, state institutions and municipalities. Customers know that, in cooperation with us, they trust the project with experienced and reliable hands whilst with multifaceted qualified multilingual personnel.

Remarkable features of LanTroVision are flexibility, uncompromised approach, and rational, tailor-made solutions to the needs of the client. We combine the equipment of different manufacturers and ensure that the installed systems work perfectly, embracing technology. We cooperate with world-renowned hardware manufacturers, so we can guarantee the latest technology and the highest quality components used, swept by our top-notched Handy Point Edge Service team for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

We are an international company: our headquarters are located in Singapore, with 28 subsidiaries operating in Asia Pacific region.

Our solutions and services comply with ISO 9001 Quality Management and, BIZSafe Occupational Safety Management system.

Corporate Values

LanTroVision, we take absolute pride in our client business partnership with trust embroidered on excellence of our reliable commitment to customers. Quality products and services at Competitive prices with the utmost importance to Safety and technical Support are the four pillars of LanTroVision’s success.

5’C are the core elements of our intrinsic values building blocks for our success and continual growth.

Customer Focus

LanTroVision seeks to add value for its customers through tailored solutions and support. We maintain a close relationship with our customers, work in partnership with them and prefer collaboration through personal contact.


LanTroVision success has been built around strong human values, driven by our employees, and shared by our partners, clients, and distributors. Humanism, responsibility, passion, innovation, and a client-focused approach are the driving forces behind everything that we do.


LanTroVision serve their members most effectively and strengthen the both customers and partners movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures.


We value creativity and innovation at every level. Conventional solutions are simply well-worn paths with a history of success. We seek out new possibilities and solutions to create success. We’re proud of our innovations. They fuel new innovation. We want to share our solutions with others so that they might grow into the conventional solutions of tomorrow.


We value a quality of presence and caring that accepts people as they are and fosters change, improvement s and wholeness. We value a work climate of mutual trust and harmony to enable progress, collaboration and the fulfilment of human potential.

2022 – Another Award-Winning Year for Lantro!

Certificate of Approval
Lantro Singapore

Certificate of Authorization

Certificate of Authorization

LanTro (S) Pte Ltd

Lantro(S) Pte Ltd_signed

Corning certificate of authorization

Client Review

Customer Satisfaction

Thriving towards Excellence

Service oriented and proactive

Banking Company awarded LanTroVision the Installation and Refresh of Network of the Structure Cabling and Relocation services for the MBFC.

“We found LanTroVision team to be extremely service oriented and diligence in all phases of their work. They didn’t spare unproductive hours to accommodate the business dateline.”

I would welcome the opportunity to work with the team from LanTroVision again on future projects.


Wong Loke Weng

Technology Infrastructure and Services

Finance Sector

Highly Dependable and Resolute

Seagate IT DC awarded LanTroVision the Works and Services of the Structure Cabling and Relocation services for the ??.

“LanTroVision service provider has taken requested job diligently without a single escalation. Minor issue arises and resolved with the collaborated LanTroVision team work aptitude.”

I would hope LanTroVision continue to persevere good job and services rendered to us.


Rosli Jaffar

Technology Infrastructure and Services

Electronics Manufacturing Sector

Immaculate project management and execution

Financial Institution awarded LanTroVision the Works and Services of the Structure Cabling and Relocation services for the ??.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with highly multi-diversed intergrated team whom displayed remarkable both project management and execution; thus allowing us to spare more time into key focus area without concern.”


Stanley See Boon Yeow

TechDelivery Core Management (BAU)

Electronics Manufacturing Sector

Corporate Governance

We recognize the importance of management as a company with social responsibility, implement organizational structure and structure to ensure transparency and fairness of decision-making, and stakeholders including shareholders and all stakeholders. We believe that it is one of the most important management issues to build a relationship of trust with our customers.

Through practical implementation of effective corporate governance and ongoing improvement, we aim to improve corporate value and sustainable growth as a comprehensive engineering & service company.


Why Join Us?

It’s exciting moment to be part of LanTroVision big team that is global and market enabler as the ICT Solution Provider. We are expanding and becoming part of the culture of the people company, starts here at LanTroVision with smart dedicated people, doing groundbreaking work that matters to our customers.

Whether you are in Sales, Business Development, Support, Operation, or Finance and Administration, we need your talents and abilities to come aboard and help us take us to the next level.

Are you looking for a position
that is more in line with your interests?

Positions are available from time to time in the areas of administration, production, estimation and sales, design, engineering, etc.