News and Events

June 2024 

We’ve just received COJTC Champion Certificate from ITE. 

This recognition underscores our commitment and excellence in contributing to the COJTC program. It highlights our dedication to advancing technology and innovation, furthering our mission to lead and inspire in our industry. This achievement reflects our team’s hard work and expertise, showcasing our capability to drive positive change and deliver exceptional results.


May 2024 

Letter of Appreciation – Singapore Children’s Society

Lantro (S) Pte Ltd has donated a total amount of $3,668.00 to the Singapore Children’s Society and continued to provide inline skating lessons for the Children from different Centres. We believe that as we help these vulnerable children to develop their physical wellbeing today, they will have the mental tenacity to face life challenge tomorrow.


 28 – 29 Feb 2024 

LGAP 2024 Meeting in Sydney