One Raffles Quay

January 11, 2019

ORQ in short for One Raffles Quay project with distinctive tower A multi-story podium of complex geometry connects the 50-story north tower and the 29-story south tower. The project, awarded the Singapore Building and Construction Authority’s “Green Mark Gold” status for its sustainable features, includes skylights, canopies, storefronts, entrances, and architectural metal work.

LantroVision has been awarded by multiple leading companies  to provide Structure Cabling solution accustom to different tenant occupying 70% of the towers. Thousands of kilometres of backbone cabling executed on both towers, all manage is highly complexity for mission critical environment. Meeting expectation for leading companies such as  ABN Amro Bank, Barclay Bank and Deutsche Bank.

Solution and Expertise deployed:

  • Various Cabling Solution customed to each Leading Clients
    • 130,000 runs of thousand of kilometres cabling
  • Fibre termination of Fibre optics
  • LAN point termination

Duration for completion:

2008 – 2010