Our Services

 Principal Activities

Our core business activities are:

  • Provision of installation services for structured cabling systems,
  • Provision of maintenance and support services for structured cabling systems, and
  • Distribution of cabling systems and their components.


At the initial stage, a project team is set up to provide consultation and design services. We study and understand our customers’ requirements and needs for IT or telecommunications network. Taking into consideration our customers?ˉ requirements and budget constraints, we advise and recommend the suitable cabling solutions which provide our customers with an optimum business communications system in terms of speed, productivity and cost effectiveness. In particular, the solutions should also be modular and upgradeable in future.

Site Survey

We participate in site walks to evaluate new or existing facilities and to identify and understand the site environment. During such site surveys, measurements are taken and the layout, as provided by our customers, is confirmed. We then hold a question and answer session with our customer’s representative to address any doubts or queries that either party may have.


Based on the information gathered from consultation and site survey session conducted, we begin to design the structured cabling system. A schematic design for the entire infrastructure will indicate the routes of the cable pathways and their sizes, the location of the telecommunication service room, backbone route and size, distribution point layout and labeling convention. Our design will take into account the following considerations:

◆ Customer’s specifications and preferences

◆ Customer’s budget

◆ Site considerations

◆ Compliance with international and local standards and specifications

◆ Competitive prices and quality products

◆ Cost-effectiveness

◆ Meeting current and future network and telecommunication performances


The implementation program begins after our customers have confirmed the design and our scope of work. A project manager will then monitor the progress to ensure timely completion and hand-over of the project deliverables. The project manager will also co-ordinates the implementation of the project with the customer and other trade suppliers, interior designers, the main contractor as well as our installation team to meet the requirements of the project. Our dedicated installation team will build the cable pathway infrastructure, installs the cables and fixes the cable accessories. During the project implementation, our project manager ensures that the installation is done according to customers?ˉ specifications, installation guidelines and procedures.

Testing, Commissioning and Cut-over

After installing the cables and accessories, a comprehensive test will be conducted using the latest and most relevant testing equipment for every cable that has been installed. All test results are documented in both soft and hard copies and analyzed according to international standards such as the TIA/EIA or ISO standards on the testing procedure for the structured cabling system. Once completed, our project engineers will assist our customers in the commissioning of the cable infrastructure system. The commissioning process includes cut-over activities such as moving of equipment, cross-connect and patching activities. This is to ensure that the IT network and telecommunication points are in working order and that there is a seamless and trouble-free transition period for the operation of our customers’ IT or telecommunications network.

Handover and Documentation

The commissioning period signifies our signing-off date for the completion and handover of the project. Once the on-site activity is completed, our project engineers begin the task of preparing the documentation for the project. Our documentation includes:

(1) Executive summary of the cabling system installed, stating what it currently supports and what it will support in the future

(2) General diagrams of the cable plant

(3) Detailed schematic diagram of the entire cabling infrastructure

(4) Connectivity schematic; – Patching details

(5) Detailed layout of distribution points including backbone and cable pathways routing

(6) A comprehensive test report

The cabling solutions we provide are based on TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC and local standards and specifications that adhere to prevailing installation guidelines, procedures and recommendations in line with the installation of structured cabling systems.

Provision of Maintenance and Support Services for structured cabling systems

We provide maintenance and support services mainly to customers who have engaged us for our cable installation services. Such services are carried out on an ad-hoc basis, such as when customers relocate offices or change their cabling systems. After completing the design and installation of cabling systems for our customers, our maintenance and support team remains in contact with our customers and monitors our customers?ˉ requirements for changes in their cabling infrastructure. Our charge rates vary depending on the complexity and urgency of the services required. Maintenance and support services are a major source of recurrent income.

Distribution of Cabling Systems and their Components

We distribute a range of cabling systems for computers to fulfil LAN and telecommunication end-to-end connectivity requirements.