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In Jan 2008, LanTroVision commemorated the official inauguration of LanTro Global Alliance Partners (LGAP) with alliances from USA, Australia, Japan and Indonesia. LGAP has been established to serve global companies and to support the growth markets of The North/South Americas, Asia and Europe. LGAP is an organisation comprised of like minded, accredited,specialist cabling infrastructure service providers that have agreed to co-operate to provide customers with a single source for all their cabling infrastructure needs on a global basis.LGAP enables global organizations to receive the consistent global service catalogue, SLAs and pricing policy similar to those provided by global service providers, whilst retaining the flexibility, cost and service level advantages offered by local specialist providers of cabling services.




LGAP’s Global Service catalogue includes:

 Major cabling projects for both work-space and datacenter environments

 Frame work agreements for ongoing deployment services

 Support services including MAC, break fix, equipment refresh/racking and stacking in both work-space and datacenter environments

 Professional services including; cabling design, project management and intelligent infrastructure management solutions

LGAP provides customers with a consistent, high quality of service at a lower cost whilst delivering an unsurpassed level of service management information and control across all territories.

LGAP’s Customers Receive:

 High quality, global service catalogue

 A guaranteed, global SLA framework

 Online, real-time global service management reporting & financial control

 A consistent global pricing methodology and control in local currencies

 Global account governance process

 An option for a single point of contractual engagement and responsibility

LGAP partners utilise our global network to deploy best in class solutions with access to resources at a consistently high quality, at a predictable lower cost under a single SLA schedule, anywhere in the world. This avoids the risk and expense of contracting unknown, unproven local organisations. All works are procured, controlled, managed and reported via our online procurement and management information dashboard.

The procurement system enables customers and/or staff to:

 Order from a pre-defined catalogue of products & services at predictable, highly competitive costs

 Generate an immediate downloadable quotation in PDF format

 Increase management visibility through order status at a glance via a Red, Amber, Green status viewed via the online dashboard

 Receive progress updates via e-mail

 Gain client authorisation & QA

 View and download financial reports

 Obtain optional monthly invoicing

Our service desk ensures all documentation is completed by the local LGAP partner and will upload the O&M manuals, test results and any other relevant documentation onto the online dashboard for review and analysis. The service desk will also provide work allocation, payments and complete all interaction necessary. In addition to functioning as a repository for all documentation, the web-based LGAP dashboard provides a central repository for customers to view real-time and historical service management information and KPI alerts.


The dashboard is tailored to each customers individual requirements but would commonly include:

 SLA monitoring via traffic lights

 KPI reporting and trending

 Project status

 Stock level views

 Resource team charts, on call info, escalation paths

Quality procedures, risk and method statements

Our Alliance Mission

Global quality service for our Global clients …

● And a Global infocomm infrastructure dream for our future well being…

Its objects are:

● To improve and enrich our quality service to our Global Clients.

● To be the preferred Global partner in the infocomm infrastructure of the future.

● To be the leading influence in setting the infocomm infrastructure standards, quality and training in the field.

Common goals of a Lantro-Alliance Partner

A stronger competitive advantage and profitability thru…

Wider market coverage.

Better customer satisfaction.

Seamless quality service.

Trend setting role in SCS.

Better supply chain management.

Higher quality integrity.

Borderless standard requirements.


 What can we share? 

Market information

Marketing promotions and materials

Training standards

Commercial processes

Project management resources

Project implementation resources

Service development experience

Procurement activity

17 Jan 2019

Our LGAP’s 12th Annual Conference – Singapore

The 12th Annual Conference is an integral meeting for all LGAP  members and it was held from 17th to  18th Jan 2019 at Singapore Copthorne King’s Hotel.  New members from New Zealand was introduced in the meeting to expand Group visibility, reach new markets and raise company awareness on a Global scale.

22 Feb 2018

LGAP’s 11th Annual Conference – Sydney Australia

LGAP is pleased to announce that we will be holding our 11th Annual Conference in Sydney Australia between 5th to 7th March 2018. The conference will be attended by all the key members from Asia Pacific, USA, Europe, South Africa, South America and India representing all geographic regions covered by the alliance. The conference will also feature presentations from large international manufacturers who will be exhibiting their latest innovations and solutions for global customers”.

20 Jan 2014

LGAP’s 7th Annual conference – Singapore

LGAP’s 7th annual conference is to be held from the 5th -8th January 2014 at the Grand Pacific hotel, Singapore. All Global Alliance Partners are expected and the official inauguration of DMPAR Engenharia LTDA-DMI (Brazil) as South American Partner will take place.

Global network through Lantro Global Alliance Partners (LGAP) to improve and enrich our quality service to the global customer base stretches over 19 countries.With our wide geographical spread all over the world and more than 50 cities, we are constantly looking into complementary product and service distribution opportunities to deliver a wholly integrated solutions to our customers.

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